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David John Seaton MBE

Dates Where was I - What was I doing - What Happened to Me?
Sep 61 - Jul 64 RAF Halton. Aircraft Apprentice. Graduated as Junior Technician.
Jul 64 - Dec 64 RAF Leuchars. Avon and Sapphire Engine Bay. Detached to RAF Tengah for the Indonesian Confrontation & subsequently posted there.
Dec 64 - Jun 67 RAF Tengah, Singapore. Javelin 1st and 2nd line servicing with 64 Sqn. Detached to RAAF Butterworth in Malaya during 1966. Squadron expedition to the island of Pulau Pemanggil in the South China Sea.
Jun 67 - Feb 68 RAF Brize Norton. Belfast and VC10 1st line servicing. Promoted to Corporal.
Feb 68 - Jun 68 RAF Henlow. Officer Cadet Training Unit (OCTU). Commissioned in the Engineering (Mechanical) Branch in the rank of Pilot Officer.
Jun 68 - Sep 68 RAF Coltishall. Various jobs associated with Lightning aircraft and their engineering support. Awaiting start of a course at RAF College Cranwell. Promoted to Flying Officer on 8 Aug 68.
Sep 68 - May 69 RAF College Cranwell. Number 5 Maintenance Engineering Course. Cut short when transferred to the Standard Engineering Course.
May 69 - Mar 72

RAF College Cranwell. Number 8 Standard Engineering Course.

Apr 72 - Jul 73 RAF Waddington. Officer Commanding General Engineering Flight (OC GEF). Promoted to Flight Lieutenant on 8 Aug 72. Married Christine on 3 Mar 73.
Jul 73 - Mar 74 RAF Scampton. Senior Engineering Officer (S Eng O), Hastings (1066) Squadron. Sqn Ldr S Eng O posted without replacement so I took over in the rank of Flight Lieutenant.
Mar 74 - Jan 77 RAF St Athan. Planning Officer at the RAF Jobbing Factory. Alistair born on 16 Sep 74. Mary Born on 6 Jul 76.
Jan 77 - Dec 77 RAF College Cranwell. Number 10 Aerosystems Engineering Course.
Jan 78 - Jan 80 RAF Swanton Morley. Officer Commanding Unit Scaling Flight at the Central Servicing Development Establishment (CSDE). Promoted to Acting Squadron Leader (unpaid) on 7 Jan 80.
Jan 80 - Sep 82 RAF Marham. Officer Commanding Mechanical Engineering (Aircraft) Squadron (OC ME(A)S). Victor Tanker and Canberra 2nd Line maintenance. Acting Squadron Leader (paid) on 21 Jan 80. Promoted to Squadron Leader (substantive) on 1 Jul 81. Detached to Ascension Island on Operation Corporate between Jun 82 and Aug 82 as the Senior Engineering Officer of the Victor Tanker Force detachment.
Sep 82 - Aug 85 Ministry of Defence, London. Engineering Policy 21a(RAF) - Engine repair policy.
Aug 85 - Dec 88 Yeovilton. Flag Officer Naval Air Command (FONAC). Fleet management of all RN Hunter, Canberra, Jetstream, Sea Heron, Sea Devon and Chipmunk aircraft.
Jan 89 - Nov 89 Yeovilton. Directorate General of Aircraft (Naval) (DGA(N)). Aircraft Support Executive, Fixed Wing Fleet Engineering Manager for same aircraft as above.
Nov 89 - Sep 92 RAF Laarbruch. Officer Commanding Engineering Operations Squadron for 4 Tornado Squadrons
Oct 92 - Mar 94 Ministry of Defence (MOD), Harrogate. Directorate of Support Management Services, SMS85b(Dev)(RAF) - Business improvement initiatives. Awarded MBE in Queen’s Birthday Honours, Jun 93.
Apr 94 - Jun 95 Headquarters Logistics Command (HQLC), RAF Wyton. Directorate of Support Management Services, SMS85b(RAF) - Business improvement on transfer from Harrogate when it closed.
Jun 95 - Jun 97 Headquarters Logistics Command (HQLC), RAF Brampton. Logistics Business Change. In May 97 took early retirement from the RAF as Squadron Leader (NATO OF3) to become a Senior Professional and Technical Officer (later Grade C1) (NATO OF4) in the Civil Service.
May 97 - Dec 12 Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive) (MOD(PE)), Abbey Wood, Bristol (later Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) and Defence Equipment & Support (DES)). Various positions on the Voyager Project Team and its predecessors (Future Tanker Transport Aircraft (FTTA) and Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA)). Introduction of the replacement for the RAF’s VC10 and TriStar tanker fleet. Grandson, Ivar, born on 27 Jan 10. Took semi-retirement in Aug 10 but continued in the same appointment on a half-time basis.
Dec 12 - ? Bristol. Retired. Granddaughter, Olive, born on 8 May 13. Grandson, Jasper, born on 18 May 13. I undertake voluntary IT consultancy work at my local library for 2 hours each Friday. My interests include golf (played badly), collecting books and collecting music (mainly associated with the blues).